Thursday, October 19, 2006

Halfway to Halloween

And here I am now, I have a fog machine, I have the idea for the cars, And I have all the music I need to sort through. There are three main areas that I still need to think about (let alone work on).
The first is the rest of the yard, once the kids get into the driveway they're mine, but before they enter, I have to make the whole house scary, but how...
The second is candy, how to give it, what to give, and where on the property should I present it to the children.
The final is the fact that I am alone at this point in my life. I have no friends, and my family does not care enough about Halloween to participate, so I am by my self that night. I have to be scary, and run the show on my own, but how...

Silent Hill as a Template for Halloween Decoration

The next approach was, of course, to figure out how to decorate the front of my house. I had to spend very little money, so my options were limited. My first thought was of our cars. My family has four cars, if I were to make a truly scary scene, I would have to incorporate all the cars, or move them, because I felt that making a scary house and then expecting the kids to neglect the cars that are not part of the scene would take away from the experience. Also , by incorporating the cars I could create a claustrophobic feeling while spending next to nothing (I planned on covering the cars with webbing for effect, that was about all I had to buy). My driveway has a row of bushes on either side, by putting all the cars into the driveway at once I could create a path for the kids to follow. Once the kids got into the drive way, there would be so much I could do. The cars would offer a number of hiding spaces. The kids wouldn't be all over the yard, so I could centralize most of my effort on a small area.

The only other idea I had to begin with was fog, a lot of fog. Since I was using the music from Silent Hill, I was compelled to mimic the game as much as possible. The key points in the game are thus:
The soundtrack (it's Ultra Creepy)
The sound effects (it's more common among all horror games, but still scary)
The mass amounts of fog (In the first two games you can't see more than two yards in front of your character)
The radio that goes off when monsters are near
The monsters...
The darkness (flashlights never light enough area)
Generally creepy scenes (mostly dead people you stumble upon)
(that's not all you find in the game, the story and characters make it worthwhile to stick around, but characterization has nothing to do with "trick or treating")

So I bought a fog machine (and am planning on buying a second one to blanket the whole driveway with fog).

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No Witches Cackling this Halloween (Real Scary Music)

Alright, Halloween is less than two weeks away, and while I have a beginning to my plans...the end is still uncertain. I wanted to do a haunted yard. I wanted to try and make something so scary that folks would come from all around to see, because I felt that those houses are too rare, and that there should be many more!!! And so I began. It all started with my favorite horror game, Silent Hill 2 (I only played for about two hours and quit because it was too scary...)! Anyway, the scariest thing about the game was the sound. I went after the score online, but it was too pricey for my limited budget. I tried downloading some of the songs from a peer to peer network. I found out that it was indeed the type of music I wanted to play at my yard haunt, but there was not enough. There are four different Silent Hill games. There are far too many songs to find from something as shoot-and-miss as a peer to peer network, and on CD there are unreleased tracks that I would have trouble finding in that format, so I went online. After a few minutes of searching, I cam across a wonderful site that was full of scary game music. It was called Evil Unleashed, and it had the complete albums and unreleased tracks for all the Silent Hill games. It also had tracks from musicians that create music inspired by Silent Hill's main composer Akira Yamaoka under the title of Broken Notes. With all the Silent Hill music, and the Broken Notes tracks, I was ready to create the playlist for Halloween (I still have not created the playlist...).

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Make Halloween Frightening for the Kids!

Here I am, and it is October the eleventh. This, like all blogs that suck and people don't care about, is mainly for me to reiterate my thoughts into words, kinda put myself in place. I could keep a journal, but something about the fact that someone, somewhere on the internet might read it gives me the initiative to start writing (and hopefully continue).This blog is about Halloween, my favorite pagan holiday (Christmas and Easter are alright). I intend to keep a journal regarding my preparation for this year's Halloween, which is the first Halloween I will not be "trick or treating" (I'm 18, I have no friends, and I am not interested in candy this year). Before I begin, I would like to explain myself. Apparently, Halloween does not mean as much to some as it does to others. I grew up in a family that fell into Halloween, and I, in turn, love it. I like dressing up, I like the fact that so many people that would never say hi to each other are suddenly running around together and having fun, or greeting strangers with a smile and tasty treats. My favorite part of Halloween, however, was that among all the houses I went to, there would always be at least one that attempted to be scary. It was better than the candy, they didn't need to give me anything, because it felt like they really cared. I always hoped to find another house that put some effort into making Halloween as scary as it should be, but it was usually just the single house...So I decided to try my hand at making a scary house. Some people don't understand, maybe I'm waiting my time and money, but I'm doing it for the kids, it's my choice and I want to try and give the future generation that extra scary housed that I always waited for around the next street corner.